Meet Teresa

Joyful greetings!

I am a Food Scientist, Microbiologist, Environmental Educator and an Eco-Herbalist, a Health and Energy Coach and a global environmental health advocate.

I practice “Eco-Herbalism”, which focuses on the restoration of balance to humanity and the planet. This intent is interwoven into all my products as well as my classes, workshops and consultations.

I am the founder and owner of Welcome Harvest LLC, a company dedicated to providing quality herbal products. My original line of herbal products is geared toward restoring balance to the body facilitating its ability to access and manifest renewed energy and hear its own inner wisdom.

I was a faculty member of the University of Minnesota in the mid- 1980’s and have worked as both a microbiologist and chemist for a Fortune 500 food company. I have decades of experience teaching classes, workshops and seminars in the fields of science, nutrition, health & wellness and environmental education. Most recently, my efforts have turned toward the relationship between these areas of health and conscious awakening. I have taught every age level – pre-school, elementary, high school, college, and adult ed.

More recently, I have been inspired to launch a virtual online global healing event on this Earth Day, called “Project 1”. I have also written a book that is a companion to the event. The working title is: Global Healing Project 1: How Imagination, Magnitude, and Action can Restore the Earth, A Companion to the Earth Day Global Healing Project 1.

I would sum myself up in this way: “A teacher who promotes goodwill and individual and environmental health – on a global scale.”

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WHEN YOU ARE SICK, YOUR BODY TURNS ITS FOCUS TO HELPING YOU HEAL. AS YOU REGAIN YOUR HEALTH, THE ENERGY FOCUSED ON MAKING YOU WHOLE AND BRINGING YOU BACK INTO BALANCE IS FREED UP TO BE REFOCUSED TOWARD SOMETHING ELSE. I believe the healthier we are the more energy we will have to make the world a better place. I have dedicated my life to learning all that I can to help you and the world return to a state of balance. I would love to share what I have learned with YOU!

AS AN ENVIRONMENTALIST, I KNOW THAT THE HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, MORE ENERGETIC YOU ARE, THE MORE ENERGY YOU WILL HAVE TO PUT TOWARDS A HEALTHIER PLANET, in whatever way you choose. Hence, my mantra: “A healthy you = a healthy planet!” My life’s desire is to help you – yes, YOU!- become your Best Self, because I know at the deepest level of my being that that is the best thing I can do to help save the planet. It is such a win-win perspective, everyone – all beings and the planet- benefits!

KNOWING YOUR BODY’S NEEDS AND HOW TO CHOOSE WHAT IS OR IS NOT RIGHT FOR YOU IS CRUCIAL. I can help you remember how to listen to and use your own body’s wisdom to navigate through what advertisers and media, including well-meaning health advisors like myself tell you your body needs. Everyone is different and their requirements for nutritional, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are uniquely their own.

But more importantly, learning to hear your body’s wisdom WILL increase your quality of life. You will find yourself feeling healthier, with more energy, and happier overall. You will have less stress, because you hear and trust your body’s inner voice. Your self-confidence in all areas of your life skyrockets because you know that you can trust yourself and that your choices are perfect for your needs. I have a whole tool-box of tools and techniques that will help you to refocus your life, to re-claim your lost ability to ‘hear’ your body, and regain control over those behaviors, limiting beliefs and inner stories that no longer are serving you.