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2018 Class and Program Offerings

Total Health Education Series: An Integrative Health and Wellness Program Series Honoring All Aspects of your Being.


Courses on Personal Self Worth

You ARE Amazing!

(HS-Adult level content, 1 hr., interactive)

This engaging program explores how to find, develop, use your innate personal power.  Includes a meditation/visualization exercise to create a picture of your ideal self for you to emulate.



Companion concept children’s program (ages 4-8, 30-40 min, interactive):

I AM Amazing!

Interactive, ‘build a book’ activity to raise awareness regarding all the abilities we possess that serve us well and cause us to feel good.  Children are invited to draw a picture of something unique to them individually that is amazing to be added to the book. (One book/program.)

This is not a PowerPoint program.



Courses on Nourishment/Nutrition 


Genuinely Fed-On an Inner and Outer Level

(HS-Adult level content, 1 hour, interactive)

Hour long (including time for questions and discussion) presentation on what is needed in our lives to be genuinely, holistically nourished and how healing ourselves can heal the planet. Great Earth Day program.




Companion concept children’s program (ages 4-8, 30-40 min, interactive):

Build a Book:  What Makes Me Happy, Healthy, Alive and Well?

In this program, children use critical thinking skills to discern what elements they need to thrive, and we create a book about it that they can keep. (One book/program)

This is not a PowerPoint program.




Feel Fit Forever

(Middle School – Adult level content, 1 hour)

This program covers the basics of healthy eating to gain the most nutrient value possible from all food (and why that is important), and clarifies the difference between dieting vs weight management. We delve into an ‘in depth’ discussion of how food fuels our body, the consequences of poor nutrition over time, and practical and affordable ways to literally melt extra weight away and/or build body tone.  All of this is explained via simple-to-retain-and-use tools and concepts to help people not only to introduce a wider nutrient spectrum into their diet, but to sincerely desire to do this!  We also explore ways to expand our thinking from a focus on food/fitness = health to total mind/body nourishment and unique ways to achieve and maintain this state of being…forever!



Clean Within and Watch Your Outer Glow Blossom

(Middle School-Adult, 1.5 hr)

Learn how to be a healthier, happier, more energetic you! This program covers: Internal cleansing – using nutrition and herbs; Developing a sound nutritional practice that is based on what YOUR body needs (and how to figure that out); Creating an exciting and very doable (regardless of your current age or health status) vision for staying fit in your later years; and Discovering and removing blocks that keep you from achieving and maintaining your ideal weight, look, and fitness.  (This program gets slightly tweaked based on audience demographics, focus and age levels.  I have done a 3rd grade level version of this as an Earth Day program: “Internal Earth Day Clean-up”)



Nature’s Path to Wellness Series:

Classes and seminars on the nutritional and medicinal benefits of plants. (Adult level, but can be modified for HS level; 1- 1.5 hour)


Kitchen Medicines

Discover the plethora of healing opportunities right in your kitchen cabinet! Your kitchen spice cabinet contains remedies for an amazing number of everyday illnesses, including nausea, headaches, indigestion, and gas pains.  While most culinary herbs are useful for preventing and relieving gas, &/or stimulate digestion, some spices will also relieve nervousness, spasms and coldness, some will help you with chronic issues you may have – issues with blood pressure (too high or too low); painful menstruation; respiratory illnesses, and more. Others are strongly anti-microbial (kill harmful bacteria), or bacteriostatic (halt bacterial growth). We will also work through an interactive exercise that will give you more confidence in using this knowledge at home.  Program length: 1-1.5 hrs.


Garden Medicines

Be delightfully surprised to learn about the little-known (but highly useful!) medicinal/edible properties of common garden plants (i.e. basil, blueberries, corn, onion, parsley, peppermint, red raspberry, watermelon), and you’ll learn ways to use them for ideal health, vitality, and youth. Program length: 1hr.





How to Make Herbal Medicinal Preparations

In Making Herbal Preparations, Eco-Herbalist Teresa Wolfe will provide simple answers to important questions, like:

  •    How do I select for the best quality herbs?
  •    How do you determine quantities and dosage?
  •    What’s the best way to store the herbs and spices to preserve their flavor and medicinal properties?
  •    What’s the shelf-life of my herbs?
  •    What exactly are infusions, decoctions, tinctures, etc.?

You will be provided with simple how-to directions to prepare remedies to soothe your minor issues and prevent them from becoming major ones.  You will learn how to make flavored oils for cooking, massage oils, and oh, so much more! AS ALWAYS, her classes are packed to the brim with practical, easy to take-home-and-use information. Program length: 1 hr.

(NOTE: This program can have a lab component. The time for the presentation must be extended to 2.5-3 hrs. and participant fees will be required. For example: “As a class, we will make a useful salve for insect bites and stings.”)


Historical Medicines

Immigrants and settlers who traveled into the unfamiliar territory of the Midwest brought European plants with them as a traditional source of medicine.  Today, many of these plants are familiar lawn, field and roadside weeds.  Eco-Herbalist Teresa Wolfe uses fascinating and intriguing stories and visuals to describe various historical medicinal, edible and other uses of these plants to help us understand how they arrived in our area.  Program length: 45 min -1hr,

Weather and time permitting, the program can include a short ‘plant walk’ and each participant will make an herbal medicinal salve traditionally used for insect bites and stings. Participant fees will be required and program length is extended to 2 hrs.


Nature’s Path to Wellness: ‘Weed Walk’

Also known as the “Weed Walk”, Eco-Herbalist Teresa Wolfe guides us on a tour around the property as she identifies and profiles plants that can be used as a wild food and/or medicine. She entertains and enlightens us with stories of discovery and her experiences using these amazing plants commonly ignored and disregarded as ‘weeds’.  Each participant will make an index-card ‘herbarium’ to use for future reference. (Participant fee: $2.00 each)




Note: Most of these programs are all PowerPoint programs and require audio/visual equipment, which will have to be provided by the program host. Contact Teresa at:, or call 715-483-0058 to schedule a program.


Teresa Wolfe is a Global Earth Healing advocate, Food Scientist, Eco-herbalist, and Health coach.  She has worked as a microbiologist and chemist for a Fortune 500 food company and has decades of experience teaching classes, workshops and seminars in the field of science, nutrition, health & wellness and environmental education.  She had taught biological science and pharmacology at the college level and co-written college level Food Science curriculum.

Teresa has been a professional herbalist for more than 25 years. She is also the founder and CEO of Welcome Harvest LLC, which provides quality herbal formulas. This original line of herbal products is geared toward restoring balance to the body – to facilitate its ability to access and manifest renewed energy and hear its own inner wisdom.  In addition, she offers online classes in health and wellness and how to use herbs for medicinal purposes.

More recently, Teresa has founded an annual virtual online Earth Day event, called “Global Healing Project 1”.  Learn more at:

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