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Feeling unlucky with the winter itch? Those, “Baby, I’m chapped blues?” I know your pain because I used to sing the blues when the cold north winds blew in. Your luck just changed! HÉLAN was created to relief dry skin.

I’m Teresa, a health cheerleader, save the planet activist, Food Scientist, Microbiologist, here to tell you about how you can heal your skin and keep it that way.


 HÉLAN (pronounced ‘Hē lan):

An all-natural, non-toxic ointment made from herbs long known to stimulate healing and the re-growth of healthy skin. Uniquely formulated with Plantain*, Comfrey*, Yarrow*, Chamomile*, and St. John’s Wort* extracted in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and beeswax. HÉLAN is deliberately unscented, though there is a little scent inherent in the ingredients. It has a green tint from the chlorophyll extracted from the plants, but goes on colorless. The product is food-grade, so can be used on and in oral surfaces.              *organic or wildcrafted


Promotes Healthy Skin Formation

Relieves Pain / Itching


Protects Skin

Doesn’t Sting

As a first aid ointment, it is useful for cuts, scrapes, rashes, and chafing from clothing and sports or work equipment. It is useful as a lip balm, for eye and theater make-up removal and provides skin protection from harsh weather elements. It is excellent for post-surgical wound healing. The product is food grade, so can be used in oral surfaces (i.e.: up a sore nostril), but it is also excellent as a lubricant for intimate activity, offering its lubricant properties and immediate healing action should any chaffing occur.

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All you need

I used Helon on my face after a sunny, windy day on the slopes. Quickly took care of chapped and even peeling skin. I swear it took ten years off my face, too. I’m sold!

Amazing product!!

My family has used Helan for everything from burns, to bug bites to cold sores and it heals them all. It’s a wonderful, all natural product that I can’t be without!

Stops Chapped Cheeks

HELAN is the best salve for dry, chapped winter skin I have ever found! Thank you!

Helps with Psoriasis

HELAN helps clear up my severe Psoriasis. I prefer it over using steroid cream. Helan also helped with eczema near my son’s ears, on his face.

Amazing Product

I can’t imagine a first aid box or cupboard without HELAN! It’s my first go to when there is an itch, a cut or scrape, a sudden rash, or just irritated skin that needs soothing. My grandson loves the “green” cream for his owies and bug bites. Thanks for such an amazing, all natural product!

Awesome moisturizer

I have been using Helan as a facial moisturizer, especially around my eyes and love it!

Soothing & Comforting

Absolutely wonderful! Good for so many different things. Soothing and comforting to use because of its thoughtfully combined ingredients. It really works to protect the skin. Highly recommended!

Nourishing skin and promote healing

I love natural healthy healing products. I am excited to use this product. I have many clients who will enjoy it as well for eczema and psoriasis. Thank you!

Great stuff!

Especially in winter, the skin above my eyes can get dry, inflamed and itchy. Most products only seem to aggravate the condition, but HELAN works like magic. I find it indispensable.

No more hives!

I used HÉLAN on hives. It cleared them up right away. Now, I put HÉLAN on as soon as I feel the tingling start of hives.