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Project1 Vision: The Restoration of Health and Balance to Planet Earth

PROJECT 1 is an organized global effort to promote a paradigm shift in global thinking about the earth – changing the current global focus on what is destroying the planet to intent and actions to rejuvenate the health of the planet. With Project 1, we create a space to amass a collective focus of support in a structured way to heal the earth.

PROJECT 1 is meant to be a globally unifying event.  The premise of this event is to introduce new ideas of ways to care for ourselves and the planet into Earth consciousness.  We all agree that there is a dire need for improvement regarding how we care for ourselves and the environment globally.  Many people feel quite helpless regarding how to address the demise of the environment conjoined with the need for more and healthy food and homes for the massive global population.   The Earth Day Project 1 initiative invites people to look within for fresh ideas to add to what we already are doing.


WHAT: The Global Healing Project 1 Earth day event asks everyone everywhere to take 1 minute to get quiet and be inspired to do 1 thing 1 time to make the world a better place.  I have created a FB page: where people can log in and record what they were inspired to do and/or see what others have been inspired to do – the idea being that what you are inspired to do may help someone somewhere else around the globe or vice versa.

WHO:  ANY one, ANY where, ANY age.  This project is for anyone who is interested in taking one small action to make the world a better place for now and future generations.  People can participate individually or as a group (i.e. a school, a business, an organization or club, etc.)

WHEN: Earth Day  (April 22, every year)

WHERE: in your own home or space

HOW: On April 22nd, we are asking everyone everywhere to do the following:

                      Take:             ONE MINUTE                    to connect within.

               To hear:               ONE ACTION STEP           that is well within your means and ability

That you can do:              ONE TIME                            to promote positive change on the planet

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?  One minute of your time and a sincere intention to contribute


Examples of positive actions steps people may be inspired to do:

©       Pick up ONE piece of trash

©       Decide not to throw ONE thing into the garbage that can be recycled

©       Make ONE phone call to a politician

©       Write ONE check to a non-profit organization that promotes a healthier environment

©       Buy ONE thing from a local farmer or business

©       Volunteer ONE time to help a local shelter, church, environmental cause, neighbor, etc.

©       Create ONE environmental message and post it on Facebook or other social media

©       Write ONE poem or story about a healthier world

©       Put ONE ad or story in the newspaper promoting a person or business that has environmentally sound practices

©       Do ONE out of the ordinary act of kindness

©       Plant ONE tree/flower/shrub (native to your area, please)

©       Follow through on ONE action that supports your or other’s health needs


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