Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for speaking at Luminaries today. I really do believe you have a unique gifting and calling to spread your message far and wide! I am thankful you blessed us with your talk today. I look forward to getting to know you better in the future and hopefully learning more from you too. I heard some great feedback already from what you shared. Have a great day!

Amy Sotis
Owner, Luminaries Retreat LLC

I am amazed at your depth of knowledge and ability to answer questions in detail. You are easy to follow and engaging.

~ Carrie

Very nice job on the [webinar] call last night! You did a great job on it all! I was also working on making dinner as I listened and watched and when you talked about garlic benefits, I put an extra heap in my spaghetti sauce 🙂
~ Liesel

Thank you so much for doing your presentation. I was able to get good notes and look forward to applying the knowledge in my kitchen. I’m already looking forward to the next presentation.
~ Richard

Well done, Teresa. I just finished listening to your presentation. Thank you for making your wealth of knowledge available for our health and well-being.
~ Cindy

Thanks, Teresa! Joined in a little late but got a whole lot of useful info. Hope someday you’ll put together a book of recipes for herbal teas, tonics and poultices.
~ Dianne

I started as a microbiologist and chemist for a Fortune 500 food company. From there I developed careers in nutrition/health & wellness and environmental education. Woven together it has created a rich tapestry from which I draw stories and images to empower and educate people about personal and environmental health.

The range of topics include the fields of science, nutrition, health & wellness and environmental education. 2018 Offerings:

  • You ARE Amazing!
  • Genuinely Fed-On An Inner and Outer Level
  • Feel Fit Forever!
  • Clean Within and Watch Your Outer Glow Blossom
  • Lose Weight, Look Younger
  • Nature’s Path to Wellness Series
    • Kitchen Medicines
    • Garden Medicines
    • Historical Medicines
    • How to Make Herbal Medicinal Preparations

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